I work in a very open and honest way and I believe you are the expert on you, I offer guidance and support to help you find the best solutions for you, to build your confidence and help you to find a more positive way forward. I will listen to your experiences and insights on self to help you develop enough insight to change things for the better. I will use techniques from CBT and person centered therapy and I particularly enjoy working creatively.

I tend to tailor my way of working to suit you. I may use techniques and ideas from different therapy models to best meet your needs. We will discuss this in our first session together; you being comfortable with how we are planning to work together is very important.

I can provide therapy face to face from Shaw Therapy Centre which offers a comfortable, warm space or I am qualified to deliver therapy online using zoom. These can both be very successful ways of working depending on your preferences, having therapy via video conferencing can be more convenient and remove the need for travel.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is the opportunity to talk through any difficulties you are experiencing, so you can make sense of them. Often when we are in the middle of the problem we struggle to make sense of a situation. As we talk about your experience, I will help you to see it from different perspectives, I will support you as we unpick it together to give you a clearer awareness of how you can change things to make them better.

In this type of therapy you will do most of the talking and I will ask questions to gain a full and clear understanding.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) we can look at the relationship between thoughts, behaviours, feelings and any physical symptoms you may be experiencing. I will work with you to identify more helpful thoughts and behaviours for you to practice. CBT is particularly useful if you are experiencing difficulties with mood disorders such depression, anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, anger, stress and problems with self-esteem. It can give fast and effective results to get you feeling better in a short amount of time.

CBT is far more structured and directed by me. We will likely use charts, diagrams and worksheets to help us to understand your problematic feelings.

Working Creatively

I also really enjoy working creatively, whether that be using arts and crafts or working with metaphor to help you explore complex feelings and experiences! If you choose to we can use a range of techniques which help to access deeper emotions. I will use imagery, and metaphor to help you explore triggering experiences, we might draw and paint as a way of expressing yourself. It is surprising what you find when you are prepared to be vulnerable with creativity.